What is Flass Vale?

Flass Vale is a beautiful and historic area of woodland that starts almost at the edge of Durham City and extends out to Durham Johnston School and the A167. It is an area of wilderness and contains much wildlife including foxes, many species of birds and a wide variety of flora. Flass Vale is well worth a visit!

Who are the “Friends of Flass Vale”?

The Friends of Flass Vale was publicly launched in October 2002 and consists of over 256 members of the local community who all share a passion for the protection and enhancement of the vale. The Friends of Flass Vale are an active group and we were proudly awarded Local Nature Reserve status (LNR) in March 2008.

Our Mission Statement

“In co-operation with local authorities, landowners and other organisations, to protect, preserve, maintain, restore and improve the natural beauty of Flass Vale, while respecting its wildness”